With many years of experience, I’ve advised global companies (Anadarko, IHS Energy, Microsoft, Jeppesen, Maxar, and many more) in geospatial matters. I’ve created and led departments, managed creation of new programs, and developed systems used around the globe. I earned my Ph.D. in geospatial engineering from the University of Colorado, and am an Assistant Teaching Professor at Penn State University and Lecturer at the University of Colorado (Denver).

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Nebraska_Cornhuskers_logo.svgWayne_w  cuboulder-large

Bachelors degree with honors, University of Nebraska (Lincoln)

Masters degree work, Wayne State University (Detroit)

Master of Engineering, University of Colorado (Denver)

PhD. Geospatial Engineering, University of Colorado (Denver)

Registered Professional Land Surveyor: Colorado, California, Oregon, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Texas


Work Experience

I am an independent contractor and have advised Anadarko, IHS Energy, Chesapeake, Microsoft, Intermap, Jeppesen, Geoeye, Hess, Laredo, Enserca, Maxar and others in geospatial matters. During this time I have managed the creation of the worldwide T&E sites for two major earth observation satellites (Geoeye I and Geoeye II) which are used for frequent accuracy assessments. I have conducted a spatial accuracy comparison study for Maxar in Durban, South Africa, Seoul, South Korea and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I conducted training at the NAVCEN for the USCG and NSA personnel at Leidos. I have provided technical assistance in the reconstruction of the geodetic network of Nigeria. I have managed the gravity/magnetic and hyperspectral/multispectral analysis of Borzon VII a concession block in the South Gobi in Mongolia.

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GPS for Land Surveyors: 4th edition: CRC

Surveying Solved Problems: 4th edition: Professional Publications

Basic GIS Coordinates: 3rd edition: Taylor and Francis of London and CRC




Spar Point Group Blog: From Scratch: 2015. http://www.sparpointgroup.com/jan-van-sickle

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Van Sickle, J. (1982) Vertical Triangulation and the Magnesium Bullet. Professional Surveyor, Volume 2 Number 3 May/June 1982.


GNSS and GPS Modernization – Senior Lecturer (2005-PRESENT)

GNSS and GPS – Lecturer

Advanced Program Instructor (1986-1989)
Public Lands
Land Boundary Law 1&2
Surveying Astronomy
Surveying Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics
Land Survey Descriptions
Geodesy 1&2

[PDHOnline: www.pdhonline.com (5941 students 2002-2020)]
GPS Surveying
Land Boundary I
Land Boundary II


Van Sickle, N., J. Van Sickle and V. Van Sickle (1981) Vertical Projection Triangulation Projectile. U.S. Patent No. 4,301,732, November 24, 1981.

Van Sickle Open Ditch Pipeline As-Built Process US 9,230,453 B2


Professional Memberships

Former Vice –Chairman of GIS in the Rockies

Former Regional Board member ACSM and ASPRS

Member of The Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics – APSG

Former Chairman of American Petroleum Surveyors Group US West Chapter

Member of ASPRS

Scientific and Professional Services

Member of Geospatial Thought Leadership Council, QinetiQ; Arlington, VA

Member of Geospatial Technology Competency Modeling (GTCM) Panel, US Department of Labor and the Geotech Center; Scottsdale, AZ

Member of Remote Sensing DACUM Panel, US Department of       Labor and the Geotech Center; Denver, CO

Vice Chairman of GIS in the Rockies; Denver, CO

Geospatial Curriculum Consultant, Front Range Community College; Longmont, CO

Member of Geodesy and GIS Panel, ESRI; San Diego, CA 2009

Seminars and Proceedings

Van Sickle J. (2020) Boundary Law, Legal Terms and Definitions: Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado Refresher Course: February 5

Van Sickle J. (2020) GIS, State Plane Coordinates, Geodesy and Photogrammetry: Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado Refresher Course: January 29

Van Sickle J. (2020) GPS Modernization and GNSS & Best Practices of GNSS Today: 59th Annual Fresno State Geomatics Engineering Conference, January 25

Van Sickle J. (2020) Coordinates & Geodesy: South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors, January 10

Van Sickle J. (2020) Best Practices of GNSS Today: South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors, January 9

Van Sickle, J. (2019) Positioning Navigation and Timing. Leidos. March 28-29

Van Sickle, J. (2019) GIS, State Plane Coordinates, Geodesy, Photogrammetry Refresher Course. Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado,  January 30

Van Sickle, J. (2019) GPS Modernization and GNSS, Coordinates and Geodesy. Washington Council of County Surveyors (WCCS), January 24

Van Sickle, J. (2012 – 2015) GPS, State Plane Coordinates and Geodesy Refresher. PLSC, February in Golden, CO

Van Sickle, J. (2011) Midstream in the Barnett. Blue Marble, November 2 in Denver, CO.

Van Sickle, J. (2011) Keynote Address. GIS in the Rockies, August 21 in Denver, CO.

Van Sickle, J. (2011) Geomatics and GIS. 60th Texas Society of Professional Surveyors Conference, October 7 in Frisco, TX

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